Our vineyards are located in the Curicó Valley, which have been described by experts and world-known winemakers as the “Heart of the Chilean wine industry”. Indeed, our vines lie just between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, thus they enjoy the Mediterranean climate of the Chilean Central Valley. This combination of geographical and climatic elements gives the grapes excellent conditions to achieve their perfect ripeness.


    We own 3 wineries

    All equipped with modern technology

    SAN IGNACIO warehouse is where it all started, the first vinifications where here, today we use only for stock, with a capacity of 1,1 million liters all in epoxicated concrete tanks.

    ITAHUE warehouse belonged to Osvaldo Astaburuaga, here we produce smaller quantities so we try to use it for our special wines. We have a capacity of 1 million liters all in stainless steel.

    SANTA ROSA warehouse is our main winery, here we produce around 80% of our total production, we have a capacity of 4,6 million liters in stainless steel tanks and 4,3 million liters in epoxicated concrete tanks.

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